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Custom metal roofing supplies for contractors in all areas surrounding Harpswell, Lewiston, Auburn, Augusta & Brunswick, ME.

Blow your clients away with beautiful, durable metal roof installations. Central Maine Metal Roofing, LLC provides custom standing seam metal panels for contractors from our location in Harpswell, Lewiston, Auburn, Augusta & Brunswick, ME. We can provide the standing seam metal panels you need for your Central or Southern Maine roofing project. Standing seam metal is the perfect material for your clients who want an upscale industrial look for their homes. Our crew carries the metal panels in several colors. We can even deliver your panels to your job site or office.

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Why should you build your roof with standing seam metal?

Choose standing seam metal because it's:


Most standing seam roofs operate as excellent watershed systems. Sunlight also reflects off the panels, which lowers your cooling costs.


This style of metal roofing has characteristic vertical lines and no exposed screws or fasteners, which gives it a modern look.


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